FIA action sought over malicious campaign against Pakistani actors

FIA action sought over malicious campaign against Pakistani actors

ISLAMABAD – The wild allegations by Pakistan’s ex-Army major about some ‘actresses and models’ sparked malicious campaigns against top Lollywood actors who faced backlash and indecent trends on social sites.

As the disgraceful incident sparked widespread condemnation, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb urged the Federal Investigators to start legal action against culprits behind the ‘character assassination’ of top Pakistani female stars on social sites.

In a statement, the PML-N stalwart strongly denounced the campaign against the stars, urging everyone to condemn those who are promoting the culture of malicious campaigns to tarnish the character of celebrities and to spread incivility.

Minister termed artists as assets of Pakistan, saying they earned a status in society with their hard work and got face after facing many contests. Lamenting the online trends, she said women who achieved a sublime status either in journalism, politics, art, or any other field, are facing character assassination campaigns.

Despite commending their struggle, and hard work, the Minister said some elements were trying to disgrace them. She maintained that such lewd campaigns would not stop women from getting success, calling them a symbol of courage and determination in country.