Ushna expresses support for Juvaria Abbasi amidst ugly family controversy

Juvaria Abbasi talks about the liberating experience of being a single mother - Celebrity - Images

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has decided to express joy and support for fellow senior Pakistani actress Javeria Abbasi who has lately been spotted having a blast during the wedding ceremony of daughter Anzela Abbasi who has just tied the knot.

Amidst consistent snippets emerging from the wedding ceremony, a controversy has been ignited featuring Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi (father), Javeria Abbasi (mother) and Anzela Abbasi (daughter).

After Anzela dared to indulge in relaxed dance performances during her wedding festivities, an intense message popped up from Shamoon Abbasi, stating: “A small reminder about my decision to detach from shameless people: I never wanted to be attached or known to have anything with impudent, immodest and shameless people in my life and never I will, no matter what my relationship is with them.”cheapest jordan 4 custom dodgers jersey custom volleyball jerseys adidas yeezys adidas sneakers custom jerseys nike air max cb 94 release dates 2023 jordan shoes online best nfl jerseys nike air max for sale custom nfl jersey nfl jerseys nfl jersey for sale human hair wigs cheap jerseys

He further stated: “I prefer to stay away from them, no matter what. God you are great to give me blessings in disguises. Some physical damage helps you from damaging your soul.”

Soon after, some more messages appeared on the internet, Pakistani actress Javeria Abbasi declared: “A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.”

While Shamoon’s latest update states: “Apni screen bhi gayee aur gari ki bhi. Thank you everyone for the prayers. I am on recovery mode. Allah has been kind indeed.”

Here is Ushna Shah expressing support for Javeria Abbasi amidst the spectacle: “My Jay! I know what it means for a single mother to wed her daughter to the best of her ability. I saw how happy it made my mother, and I saw how happy it made you. You raised Anju to be a stand-up, kind and a well-rounded person, and gave her a fairy-tale wedding, all on your own! I am so proud of you, and I love you. To the most beautiful and resilient mother-of-the-bride.”

While here is some feedback that has emerged on social media from the fellow netizen community:

“Why the hell Ushna Shah needs to dramatize everything??? Ohh I get it, the way she was trolled on her wedding she wants the same for others.. i fu** ing hate her.”

“Fairy tale nahe Halloween wedding thi.”

“It’s good woman encouraging woman. Should praise someone working hard.”

“Ushna ko har single mother se bohot jayada pyaar hai.”

“When a women fix a women crown.”

“And she did it, more power to you lady.”

“Bohat si single mothers hain it doesn’t mean yeh sub karain ab yeh? Bad explaination.”

“Just because Shamoon wrote something stupid.”

“We have so many examples of single mothers raising their children with dignity.”

“Yes we can see the good up-bringing really. All is evident from her insta profile. Astaghfirullah.”

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