K-pop group EXO’s fans criticize stylists for “horrible” outfits

A few fans accepted that the outfits were acceptable in the MV but were too chaotic for live shows

Fans of the K-pop group EXO are calling out their stylists for their “disastrous” outfits during their comeback. The members have been getting styled in a mixture of denim and pastel colours as they promote their recent comeback Cream Soda.adidas shoes for sale soccer jerseys custom nfl jersey for sale super bowl 57 sex toys for beginners adidas online store nike men��s air jordan 1 mid stores cheap nfl jerseys human hair wigs for sale nike air max 90 custom wigs nike air max 90 womens lovense sex toy human hair wigs cheap nfl jerseys 

Although some percentage of their fanbase did like the clothing choices, most were unimpressed with the outfits. Some fans explained that even though some of their clothes were alright individually, there was no theme when they were put together.

They pointed to Xiumin’s sparkling suit, Baekyun’s fluffy pink coat as well as Sehun’s higher print as the worst items.

K-pop group EXO’s fans criticize stylists for “horrible” outfits

One fan wrote: “Ugliness aside, I hate when members are all dressed completely differently and look like they are not supposed to perform together. Bring back matching group outfits!”

Another fan brought up the dispute between certain EXO members and their agency SM Entertainment: “Is it SM’s punishment for them for disobeying the company because these clothes and the styling are BAD.”

Even non-fans chimed in to criticize the outfits as one user commented: “Don’t know who is who but the one in the sparkly silver number got done so dirty.”

A few fans were willing to accept that the outfits were acceptable in the music video but were too chaotic for live shows. “The outfits did look good in the MV but they’re definitely ridiculous when looked at closely.

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