Miss Trans Pakistan Shyraa Roy makes her debut as producer with psychological thriller ‘Sanak’

Miss Trans Pakistan Shyraa Roy makes her debut as producer with psychological thriller 'Sanak'

Shyraa Roy, Miss Trans Pakistan 2022, is a trailblazer in the entertainment industry.

From modelling to acting and producing, she has established a distinct presence. Roy’s first psychological thriller, “Sanak,” features her as the lead and showcases her diverse talents.

The 27-year-old reflects on the challenges she faced at each stage of her career. She recalls facing difficulties as a producer, as men couldn’t accept a transwoman pursuing this role. She also shares her struggle to get cast in Pakistani films and dramas, where casting directors questioned her gender and sometimes didn’t understand the concept of a transwoman playing a woman’s role. She draws a comparison to Sushmita Sen playing a transwoman, arguing that trans people should have the same opportunity to play women’s roles in films.

“Sanak” offers more than a captivating story of obsession and love. She views it as a unique and compelling tale. The film follows the story of a fan named Zafar Minhas who goes to extreme lengths to win the attention of a popular actor, Samaira Khan.

Directed by Hassan Fareed and written by Indian director Vikram Bhatt, it aims to delve into the murderer’s complex personality rather than just depicting his crimes. The film features notable actors such as Muneeb Ali, Murad Kazmi, Resham, Javed Sheikh and Beenish George.

Roy also believes that the lack of good thriller films in Pakistan makes “Sanak” a valuable contribution to the industry. She criticizes Pakistani directors for relying too heavily on romantic comedies and calls for greater diversity in Pakistani cinema.


She spoke about her continued fight for representation in Pakistani media. She acknowledged the limited opportunities for transwomen in the industry and said that one must either become a producer, have connections, or rely on luck to succeed. Despite the challenges, she vows to never give up, with the support of her brother, Bhatt, and her team.

Roy also noted that being trans remains a taboo topic in Pakistan and that there are no opportunities for trans individuals in the country. However, she remains determined to continue her fight and make a change in the industry.

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