Cover-up exposed: 30,000 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine war, confirm researchers

Russian soldiers walk along a street in Mariupol as troops intensify a campaign to take eastern and southern Ukraine. AFP

Researchers collaborating with BBC’s Russian service have identified the names of more than 30,000 Russian soldiers who have lost their lives in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In a startling revelation that defies official Kremlin figures involving the Ukraine war’s casualties, this number significantly surpasses the publicly acknowledged figure of 6,000 casualties provided by Russian officials since the all-out invasion began last year.

While Moscow has been reluctant to disclose the true extent of its military losses, the evidence compiled by the researchers is based on meticulous analysis of various sources, including rare official statements, social media posts from grieving relatives, and corroborative information such as burial dates and photographs of cemetery plots.

Recent weeks have seen a sharp rise in the Ukraine war casualties among Russian troops operating heavy weaponry like rocket launchers and artillery, particularly in the Zaporizhzhia region, where Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is situated.

The staggering toll of the war has also fallen heavily on prisoners, with more than 5,600 inmates recruited by the Wagner paramilitary group and Russian military reportedly losing their lives. Draftees account for over 3,100 of the confirmed deceased.

Even higher-ranking personnel have not been spared, with the group identifying at least 2,400 Russian officers among the casualties. This revelation has raised questions about the cost and consequences of Russia’s military intervention, as it continues to deny the true scope of its “special military operation.”

The human toll of the Ukraine war on both sides is immense, with at least 9,000 civilians losing their lives in Ukraine, according to the United Nations, primarily in areas targeted by Russian forces. The conflict, now spanning multiple years, continues to shape the geopolitical landscape, leaving families shattered and communities devastated.

The shocking disclosure not only challenges the Kremlin’s narrative but also sheds light on the human cost of a war that has altered lives and brought grief to countless homes.