Young Pakistani girls in awe witnessing Javeria Raheel ace life with VITILIGO

Young Pakistani girls in awe witnessing Javeria Raheel ace life with VITILIGO

Pakistani fashion model Javeria Raheel who has been inflicted with a severe ailment known as Vitiligo has lately been spotted flaunting mesmerizing fashion choices, inspiring ladies to not let any hindrance whether physical or mental affect their dreams.cheapest jordan 4 custom dodgers jersey custom volleyball jerseys adidas yeezys adidas sneakers custom jerseys nike air max cb 94 release dates 2023 jordan shoes online best nfl jerseys nike air max for sale custom nfl jersey nfl jerseys nfl jersey for sale human hair wigs cheap jerseys

The brave young lady who likes to call herself a model, photographer and fashion student has lately decided to visit Sharda: A small Tehsil located in Neelam District in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Do you know what VITILIGO is? If not fret not, Let 24NewsHD enlighten you: Vitiligo is a chronic (long-lasting) autoimmune disorder that causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color. This happens when melanocytes – skin cells that make pigment are attacked and destroyed, causing the skin to turn a milky-white color.

With the progression in time, people are becoming more comfortable with revealing various ailments (mental or physical) publicly, we hope you do remember how formerly discussing mental health was considered to be a taboo in Pakistan while now various individuals specially some Desi public figures have been spotted publicly discussing mental health issues while also providing solutions regarding how they tackle day-to-day activities while suffering from whatever ailment they have been inflicted with.

Below we have attached links of some of acknowledged Pakistani influencers who don’t feel any shame in discussing ailments online:

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