Pakistan exposes Indian forces’ modus operandi to lure Kashmiris into drug, weapon trafficking

Pakistan exposes Indian forces’ modus operandi to lure Kashmiris into drug, weapon trafficking

ISLAMABAD/SRINAGAR – Indian forces remained in bad light for infamous operations in which civilians were dubbed militants and killed by the army and local law enforcers to rake benefits and medals in continued suppression.

Amid the severe human rights violations in disputed Himalayan territory, Pakistani intelligence officials exposed a racket of the Indian army that lured underprivileged Kashmiris into drug trafficking and other illegal activities and killed them in staged encounters.

In the latest expose, Pakistan unearthed a group of Indian army personnel who was filmed luring Kashmiris to indulge in criminal activities such as drugs and weapons smuggling.

The expose claimed that Indian forces used to trick innocent people into the smuggling of arms and drugs and later kill them in staged operations and then blamed Pakistan for intrusion and terrorism in the valley.

It was reported that Indian forces managed to carry out activities without getting on the radar of local police in IIOJK. With such a low, Indian army is putting peace in the region at stake in a bid to get promotions and financial aid, and that’s over the dead bodies of Kashmiris.

Last month, Pakistan intelligence agencies exposed the Modi-led Indian government’s nefarious plan of undertaking a false flag operation against his country to gain sympathy from the international community and to put Islamabad in a bad light.

Pakistan spy agencies have claimed to unveil a false flag operation with the Indian army and law enforcers as plotters behind the plan which was supposed to be carried out near the Line of Control on Indian Republic Day on January 26.

Dissecting the dirty plan of New Delhi, Pakistani intelligence officials named three individuals who were picked to blame Pakistan for ‘the infiltration attempt into the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

One of the leading players is an agent of the 93rd Infantry Brigade of Indian force, who with the help of two of his accomplices identified as Alam and Aslam, was going to stage an infiltration bid from Azad Kashmir into the Indian-occupied Kashmir using some locals.

As per the plan, these members were supposed to plant some explosives and destructive devices in Kashmir, and Indian forces were supposed to find the near a mosque in Poonch.

Officials also claimed, through media reports, that a deputy superintendent of Indian police was supervising the false flag operation at the behest of centre.