‘Can’t be thankful enough for 2022’ – Shae Gill pens a heartwarming note at year’s end

'Can’t be thankful enough for 2022' – Shae Gill pens a heartwarming note at year's end

In 2022, Pasoori singer Shae Gill successfully found the spotlight and the year proved to be a game changer for her. She released three songs this year and she’s grateful for all the love and opportunities that came her way in 2022.

Filled with pride and gratitude, the Sukoon singer took to her Instagram with a series of photos and videos from the past year that included her stage shows of Pasoori, some BTS and many heartwarming moments.

“Can’t be thankful enough for this year. So much has happened and so much has changed. If I begin to express my gratitude, this will turn into an essay. I just want you all to know that I appreciate all the love that you have given to Pasoori and to me,” she wrote.


“My decision to pursue music as a full-time career is only 10 months old to be exact but I am trying my best to gear up and bring you more music that you can love and enjoy,” she added.

Concluding, Shae manifested love, luck and joy in the upcoming year for herself and her fans. “I pray 2023 may be full of love, luck and joy for all of you and that in your challenging times you may have all the strength to deal with it, the faith to come out of it and the spirit to stay true to yourself. Love you all. Happy New Year!”

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