Thinking to relocate to Germany? Here’s a guide on work visa for IT specialists

Thinking to relocate to Germany? Here's a guide on work visa for IT specialists

BERLIN – Germany has a history of violence and conflict but gone are the days when the country was known only for the World War II. At present, Germany offers countless opportunities to those who want to relocate and Germany ‘s Visa for IT specialists is amongst those opportunities.

Here are the complete details about the visa:


You can get the Work Visa for IT specialists if you have been offered a job in the IT sector in Germany. Moreover, you should also be able to provide proof of at least three years of experience in IT over the last seven years.

Besides, for securing this visa, your professional experience must match with the job you are aspiring for. For this type of visa, you should also be able to provide evidence of the relevant theoretical knowledge required for the job through training courses and exams.

It should be kept in mind that for this visa, your potential position in Germany is remunerated with a gross annual salary of at least €52,560. Another important aspect is that your German language skills should be at a minimum level of B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The only exception is that you do not have to provide proof of German language skills if German is not spoken at your workplace.

Advantages of work visa for IT specialists 

If your work contract remains valid, you can apply to extend your residence permit but the general conditions in accordance with Section 9 on the Residence Act are applicable to the settlement permit. The residence permit also offers to keep your family with you.

It merits mentioning that German Federal Employment Agency (BA) would approve your request for employment after which you will be able to work. The authority will examine whether your employment conditions (salary, working hours, etc.) are equivalent to those of domestic employees or not.

IT demand in Germany

Germany is now attracting thousands of IT specialist every year because its IT industry is booming. The country is amongst top ten most innovative countries and its reliance on IT can’t be emphasized enough.

If you are software developer, application consultant or skilled professional in the areas of data science and cybersecurity, you have a fair chance of landing a job in Germany because companies are always in a hunt for the right talent.

What gives a fair idea about the prospects of IT industry in Germany is the fact that in 2021, around 96,000 jobs in IT remained vacant.

The German authorities are well aware of the technological advances and same is the reason why government plans to invest around 3.5 per cent of Germany’s GDP in research and development by 2025 and you can reap the benefits of the same investment.

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