13 PDM parties will be at daggers drawn with each other soon: Sheikh Rashid

RAWALPINDI Awami Muslim League chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on Wednesday the unholy alliance of 13 parties would be at daggers drawn soon.

Their ill-assorted group would dismember shortly and differences among parties would be out in public, he said.

In a message on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rashid said the countdown would begin on July 20 and the result would be out by Aug 12.

Public would come to know by Aug 10 that elections would be held in 60 or 90 days, he said. The AML head said what happened with Punjab elections could not happen with the National Assembly polls.

He said everyone was giving his own date, but the Supreme Court would come up with stunning decisions and elections would be held. He said the Election Commission was busy making preparations for elections.

The former interior minister said Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification could only be revoked through a constitutional amendment. Sharif started his self-accountability from the National Assembly and addressed the lower house.

He said the Supreme Court asked him (Sharif) to establish a JIT and he complied with the orders. The former federal minister said the JIT and the Supreme Court extended full opportunity to Sharif for defending himself.

The five-member bench pronounced the verdict and Qatari letter could not rescue him. He was disqualified for life, Rashid said. The AML chief said Sharif went to Saudi Arabia after tendering a written apology. Using a 50-rupee stamp paper, he departed for London on the pretext of his illness.

The head of Awami Muslim League said, “His (Sharif’s) brother is the sitting prime minister of Pakistan and he himself has a diplomatic passport. So what fear prevents him from returning to Pakistan?” Sharif’s homecoming did not matter now in politics of Pakistan. “It’s too late for him to return,” he said.

He said those who were considering themselves all-powerful would get a shock soon. Bilawal’s dreams and wishes dashed to ground, Rashid said and added, Shehbaz Sharif wanted to use powers of the caretaker prime minister himself.

He said they should forget the level playing-field as it was a thing of remote past. The aspirations of 240 million people could not be ignored.
The former interior minister said the incumbent government was a guest actor now.

He said a caretaker setup would be in place in August. The people would decide the future of their country in Pakistan and not in Dubai or London. He said so many people were seeking positions in the caretaker setup with their CVs in their hands. “Let’s see who’s is chosen in this draw,” he said.