Reham Khan’s third husband Mirza Bilal trolls Imran Khan in viral videos

Reham Khan’s third husband Mirza Bilal trolls Imran Khan in viral videos

ISLAMABAD – Mirza Bilal Baig, a Pakistani-origin corporate professional and a former model, recently makes headlines as he tied the knot with journalist Reham Khan.

Imran Khan’s former wife earlier published a memoir and remained at the center of controversy as she portrayed the PTI chief as a man who led a life of ‘sex, drugs, and alcohol’.

The former BBC presenter faced heat for hurling accusations at her former husband, a popular leader in South Asian country, with PTI leaders alleging that Reham conspired with their rival.

With Reham Khan never shied away from taking a shot at Imran Khan, his third husband Mirza Bilal Baig also turned out to be a sharp critic of PTI chief as he trolled Imran Khan in several clips on Twitter discussing sales of Tosakhana watches and many others topics.

Mirza jibed at the PTI chief, by advising Pakistani skipper Babar Azam to buy World Cup from Imran Khan, who remained in news for selling souvenirs received from foreign dignitaries.







In other clips, he trolled the PTI chief for contesting by-elections on all the nine National Assembly seats that fell vacant after resignations. As Baig’s videos went viral, PTI supporters and social media users reacted to his clips. Here are some of the reactions:

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