Indian fan solemnises ‘Nikah’ with Pakistani TikToker Ayesha

Indian fan solemnises 'Nikah' with Pakistani TikToker Ayesha

A crazy Indian fan is determined to marry the Pakistani TikTok sensation Ayesha Mano, even if it has to be a unilateral marriage.

In the latest move, a less-known Indian actor Faizan Ansari, who proposed to Ayesha a few weeks ago, has finally solemnised “Nikah” with her, albeit in her absence and without her consent.

The video of the one-sided “Nikah ceremony” has gone viral on the internet. In the video, Ansari can be seen dressed as a groom and a Muslim cleric solemnising his Nikah.

Ansari says he is mad after Ayesha since he has seen her viral dance video on the remix of Indian song “Mera dil ye pukarey aaja”. He says he wanted to visit Pakistan to meet Ayesha but his visa was cancelled. He says that he’s ready to meet Ayesha in a third country if they can’t meet in Pakistan and India.

Ansari says he has done everything he could do for Ayesha and now it’s up to her to accept or reject him.

Ansari has also signed a Rs1.5 million cheque and want to give this amount to Ayesha as “Haq Mehr” for Ayesha.