‘Change your number plate,’ says Babar Azam, who was stopped by Excise inspectors in Lahore


Babar Azam found himself at the focus of attention on a busy day at Liberty Chowk, one of Lahore’s most iconic monuments.

While driving his Audi through the busy streets of Pakistan, the captain was stopped by excise authorities who suspected a possible infringement.

The officers approached the vehicle quickly, and Azam cooperated calmly, fully conscious of the duties that come with being a prominent figure.

The authorities noticed that his license plate numbers were strangely small and did not conform with the typical size restrictions. Concerned about Babar’s adherence to the laws, the cops suggested that he replace his license plate with a standard one.

In accordance with their duties, the excise officers also verified Babar Azam’s papers, including his vehicle’s registration and taxes.

The comprehensive investigation revealed that the cricket star had faithfully completed all of his commitments, leaving no opportunity for further investigation. This verification demonstrated Azam’s dedication to carrying out his legal responsibilities as a responsible citizen.

Despite the momentary inconvenience, Babar remained composed and showed his amiable nature.

Babar also took photographs with the cops to show his thanks for the excise officers’ dedication to their jobs.

This act of compassion and respect conveyed his appreciation for their work and emphasized the significance of cultivating healthy connections between public people and police enforcement.

The news of Babar’s interaction with excise agents at Liberty Chowk swiftly spread on social media. The episode exemplified Azam’s down-to-earth personality, endearing him to his supporters and winning accolades for his humility and respect for police enforcement personnel.

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