Consul General in Pakistan reveals who won’t be able to get UAE visa

Consul General in Pakistan reveals who won’t be able to get UAE visa

KARACHI – The United Arab Emirates earlier denied reports of not providing visas to Pakistani citizens belonging to certain cities but now the Kingdom has decided to firmly enforce its regulations, which might affect some aspirants from Pakistan.

UAE Consul General in Karachi Bakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi spoke with a Pakistani news channel in which he mentioned the strict policy of the Wadeema law which aimed to protect children.

Remeithi mentioned that a large number of people from South Asian nation, who possess work visas in the Kingdom, are violating Wadeema law, by not providing proper education and other facilities to children.

He said several Pakistanis are not providing several facilities mainly education, depriving the young generation of their basic rights. UAE Consul General maintained that rules about the rights of children with families living in the Kingdom must be strictly enforced.

In recent measures, Emirati officials have decided to take action against parents who deprive their children of education. Violators can be deported from the country and the government is also placing restrictions on the acquisition of new visas, Mr. Remeithi warned.

He added that visas will be granted to only Pakistanis who will assure full implementation of the law ensuring children with their rights. He further cleared the air that the new restriction has nothing to do with Pakistanis applying for a visit visa.