NCOC fears spread of China’s new Covid variant in Pakistan

NCOC fears spread of China's new Covid variant in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Saturday said Pakistan was facing threat of new coronavirus variant spreading in China.

The top monitoring body said that the variant may enter Pakistan as China has lifted lockdown and relaxed travel restrictions.

The cases of Omicron variant has surged to an alarming level in the neighbouring country after it ended its zero-Covid regime after protests sparked against strict restrictions.

The NCOC officials said Pakistan was fully prepared to tackle the spread of the new virus, adding that they have dealt with other Covid variants in the past.

They said 90% of the eligible population in the country is vaccinated against the Covid-19, adding that it would lower the risk of fast spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, India has reported cases of the new variant and it has made it mandatory for travellers coming from China and other countries, where the cases have surfaced, to undergo screening test at the airports upon arrival.