From Hania to Ananya: Desi celebs are in their ‘Barbie’ era and we love it

The popularity of Barbie has spread across the world. Such is the ongoing Barbie fever that even Pakistani and Indian celebrities have caught on. These stars have embraced the Barbie-inspired trend in their fashion choices, embodying fits that are reminiscent of the iconic doll. Here are five times our desi celebrities perfectly channelled Barbie:wigs shop denver broncos cowboys jerseys custom football jerseys nike air max correlate nike air jordan 4 oil green official nfl pro shop nike air jordan best sex toy store best wigs wig sales custom soccer jerseys nike air max 270 women’s sale best wigs baseball uniforms

Hania Aamir

If there’s anyone who can embody Barbie, it’s the Mere Humsafar star. Hania showcased her Barbie-like charm with a hot-pink top adorned with a bow, accessorised with pearls and matching pink heels. In her Instagram caption, she playfully referred to herself as a Barbie in an Oppenheimer world, and we kind of agree!

Ananya Pandey

While Beyonce may not be a huge fan of the star, Ananya isn’t playing around when it comes to Barbie. The actor embraced her Barbie alter ego by donning a pink bodycon dress, accompanied by pink nails and complementary makeup.

Nadia Hussain Khan

Nadia not only paid tribute to Barbie with a vibrant hot-pink shirt but also created a makeup tutorial inspired by the iconic doll. That’s dedication!

Ainy Jaffri Rahman

Ainy attended the London premiere of Barbie, making a bold statement with her Barbie-inspired ensemble. She dazzled in a head-to-toe hot-pink dress, complemented by a contrasting neon green bag.

Kiara Advani

Kiara commanded attention in a fuchsia jumpsuit designed by Manish Malhotra, which she paired with shimmering boots. Her stunning look stole the spotlight, radiating a Barbie-esque allure.

As the Barbie fever continues to spread, with the film inching closer to its release, one can assume that more and more of these looks are bound to pop up soon. It’s about time the world embraced pink in all its glory, and now that it’s becoming a reality, we have the cast of Barbie – especially Margot Robbie who has been giving Barbie at every promotional event – to thank.

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