WATCH: Muslim boy beaten publicly for talking to Hindu Girl in ‘Rising India’

WATCH: Muslim boy beaten publicly for talking to Hindu Girl in 'Rising India'

A young boy believed to be a Muslim was beaten up by a mob of the zealot Hindu community in India, sending shockwaves across the country.

The incident happened in India’s Madhya Pradesh state wherein an MCA student is facing a furious mob for merely talking to a Hindu girl. The video of the rage has sparked anger amongst the Muslim community and rights groups in India who have been calling out the rising fascism in the state.

As the boy faces a barrage of questions from the mob, some land blows on him, slapping him in the face repeatedly while ignoring his requests to reveal his side of the story.


Although the audio is not clear, the anger can be seen vividly in the video, implying that the boy was neither allowed to speak nor permitted to protect himself.

The horrific part of the ordeal starts when two men from the mob start flogging the Muslim youth, hitting his legs with sticks, till he falls down. The video ends with a young boy screaming.

According to the human rights organisation, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), the victim has filed a first information report (FIR)  which states that the incident took place on January 3.


He claims that he was roughed up after a girl approached him regarding a book and the mob was furious as to why he talked to the girl.

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