Bilal Ashraf opens up about his decision to star in ‘Yunhi’

Bilal Ashraf opens up about his decision to star in 'Yunhi'

Lollywood’s heartthrob, Bilal Ashraf recently made headlines when he decided to take on a leading role in a new drama series. He is all set to dazzle viewers with his debut performance in Hum TV’s latest drama “Yunhi”.

The talented actor will be starring alongside the gifted actress Maya Ali. With their combined talent, viewers are sure to be captivated by the heartwarming story, with its intriguing characters, captivating plot, and stunning visuals.

In an interview, the actor opened up about why he decided to take on the lead role in the Pakistani drama with Ali, citing the opportunity to learn from the renowned director Ehtishamuddin and improve his own skills as his motivation.

Though initially apprehensive about the pace of filming multiple scenes in a day for a drama versus just one or two scenes for a film, Bilal eventually developed a newfound appreciation for the form and artistry of the genre. He went on to explain that this enlightened perspective was the result of the collaboration between himself, the director, and the rest of the cast and crew. Through their combined efforts, they were able to create a work of art that could be enjoyed by many.



The Janaan actor praised the author of his upcoming play, Sarwat Nazir, for delivering powerful messages in a simple and elegant manner throughout the story. With prior experience appearing in photoshoots and commercials with the Teefa in trouble star, he found his initial acting experience with her to be the best, praising her talents and expressing how wonderful it was to work with such a gifted actress.

On the work front, Ashraf was lauded for his performances in Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain, Aik Hai Nigar and Superstar.


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