Another historical mosque razed in India amid rising Islamophobia

Another historical mosque razed in India amid rising Islamophobia

Muslims are facing wide discrimination, and prejudice under Narendra Modi-led government in India and now another historical mosque has been bulldozed in northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The latest incident occurred on the heels of a campaign launched by Hindutva inspired ruling party to claim Mughal-era monuments and to remove historic mosques, to gag Muslims in a desperate attempt to claim the next general elections scheduled in 2024.

Clips doing rounds on the internet show Shahi Masjid in Handia, Allahabad being bulldozed by the public works department under the pretext of widening the highway.

The demolished mosque, reportedly constructed during 16th century, occurred in Uttar Pradesh, home to 20 percent Muslim population in India.



It was demolished in the guise of construction work, triggering anger and anguish among Muslim and human rights activists.

Journalists covering recent development in India blasted authorities, saying that the mosque has been demolished by the Hindutva regime under the pretext of widening the road.

Amid unprecedented harassment of Muslims, the ruling BJP and other parties are polarising voters with an anti-Muslim narrative to remain in power after the next elections.

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