‘Zero tolerance against terrorism’, says PM Shehbaz after NSC huddle

NSC took major decisions to steer Pakistan out of economic, security challenges: PM

'Zero tolerance against terrorism', says PM Shehbaz after NSC huddle

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top leaders hold a second round of the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting and took major decisions to ensure national security and for the revival of the economy.

In a tweet, Prime Minister said the NSC forum took some major decisions yesterday after hours-long deliberations. First, State will adopt a zero-tolerance policy for terrorists challenging its writ and second, the economic roadmap will revive the economy and provide relief to the masses.

The top civil-military leaders took decisions on foreign policy and national security as top brass reaffirmed its determination to take on any and all entities that resort to violence.

Pakistan announced to tackle violence with full force as officials maintained that security is uncompromisable and the full writ of the state will be maintained on every inch of Pakistan’s territory.

NSC also maintained that no country would be allowed to provide sanctuaries and facilitation to terrorists and Islamabad reserved all rights in that respect to safeguarding its people.

The meeting spearheaded by Prime Minister himself discussed the economic situation and challenges being faced by the common people, particularly the salaried class.