After the 9th of may I visited the Lahore based corp commanders house on the old Wellington road



After the 9th of may I visited the Lahore based corp commanders house on the old Wellington road, now known as Tufail road, a house once liked enough by Mohammad Ali Jinnah to buy it in 1943 from Mohan Lal Bashin, but just could not live in it, although his representatives Sir Maratab Al Khan father of Babar Ali Packages fame was paid up in 1959, the desecration of the house known as Jinnah House, and residence of the Corp commander by miscreants, hooligans, and I dare say enemies of the State who so violently destroyed the premises that it looked as though they had a personal score to settle with Army property, same as they performed outside the GHQ in Rawalpindi, then the building of Radio Pakistan, all this happening and Indian media speculating a civil war, while rest of the world speaking on the violations of human rights.

But lets examine through a literary post mortem, why all this, we have seen such scenes in 1977, 1983, but this protest was extra ordinary, naturally all fingers pointed towards the protesting party,it was indeed their party, in such events there are usually adverse forces who play a major role, on a perfectly set up platform, needless to add its the perfect recipe for saboteurs and fifth columnists to waken up their sleeper cells and join the mayhem, which was unacceptable and must not go away unpunished, it is unthinkable that a Pakistani would do what has been done, and that to pointing towards the defenders of the realm and faith, my suspicions are there was a master plan of all these protests, and there must be people working for outside forces who knew about course of action, and they might have played the part which has been condemned by one and all Pakistani’s.

The other aspect which is fast coming in debates, and arguments is where was our CIA,Police and other other Intelligence agencies, when this crowd was proceeding towards the Cantonment area? An area which is a sensitive one too, where vehicles are checked thoroughly before entering, the house of the corp Commander if it was to be the major target, why more police could not reach his house, after all Saddar police station is 5 minutes away, was this a surprise element of the protest or negligence? This house represents the armed forces as well as Pakistan in an iconic figure of speech, the irony is the political parties who have in the past with their checkered history, took to supporting the army which they should, but made a hash of the whole mess, the language they used all over was not a democratic one,it seemed they wanted support of the army by coming out in such venomous hate spread speech, there is an investigation going on, the COAS has made it very clear to his officers and Jawans as well the Nation, no miscreant or anti state elements will be spared, for politicos they also must understand not to play with this sensitive time for their own gains it will not work in the bigger picture of our State, they all must remember our motto be Pakistan First period.

Once a deep in-depth investigation is completed, heads have to roll, so hold your horses and do not create a wedge amongst the people, these poisonous statements do not do any justice, everyone has come down heavy on this episode period and for everyone’s sake hopefully it will not happen again, to continually repeating all these kleeshays undermines our ability, and gives food for thought to our adversaries, having. Come back from abroad there is enough of bitterness outside amongst the expatriates, they need to be reassured though our embassies spokes people to calm them down, these words that our army installations have been under attack, that’s not correct, no one should even dream of such dreams, indeed our administrative buildings and official residences have been vandalised, that’s it, but military installations even India has not been able to pull this one, let alone anyone else, but in this breath I salute our jawans who did not fire on the civilians despite serious provocations, and they never will, but that does not mean to pout them to the ultimate test, we must as citizens understand we have two simple choices, Convention or Anarchy, the former is the order of the day, while the latter will not succeed.

On another note, the G20 conference to be held in Srinagar a disputed area, which has seen loss of lives on both sides of the borders, due to Indians lack of dialogue will not speak highly of the United Nations, how can their members participate in a conference in Kashmir where, pregnant women have been bayoneted,raped, mass graves discovered,people live in inhuman brutally forced conditions,complete violations of all human rights, forced marriages,sub human treatment of political prisoners, pellets being fired upon them, and to top it all they do not even want the UN peace keeping force do their job let alone even being there.

Pakistans foreign office has maintained their long standing stance on this longest surviving political dispute in the history of contemporary world, the Muslim Umma for what it stands for has been a great let down, on Kashmir and Palestine, indeed they have their own interests,and so be it, but can they not be more forceful where their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, or even forget that humans are going through the worst tyranny humanity has sen in this day and age?.I propose a giant rally of all parties if this conference goes ahead in all cities of the country, lets show the world our principled stand on the right of self determination,and respect of human rights, its all too easy to criticise Pakistan, but do spare a moment out of the Indian propaganda and take a peek,try to speak to people in Srinagar try going to other areas, they will give you the usual security Bull manure.