No further action against Nawaz Sharif’s guard in UK, confirms Ahsan Dar

No further action against Nawaz Sharif’s guard in UK, confirms Ahsan Dar

LONDON — Scotland Yard has closed an investigation of assault into Nawaz Sharif’s close protection security guard – without taking any further action due to lack of evidence of assault.

The complaint against close protection guard Farid Nemouchi was made by PTI activist Shayan Ali on 2nd April 2022 after a fight in which both sides hit each other.

The security guard had told the police that Shayan Ali and his mother Sadaf Mumtaz had assaulted him when he was doing his professional work. He told the police he was hit on the head by Shayan Ali’s mother Sadaf Mumtaz after being first hit by Shayan Ali on his shoulder. The guard told the police that Shayan Ali’s mother came from behind and hit him with her handbag which caused him to bleed on his forehead. Shayan Ali and his mother had told the police they were only filming when attacked by the guard.

Ahsan Dar, whose security company Systematic Security Limited provides guards for Nawaz Sharif, confirmed that the investigation has been closed after a thorough investigation by the police over a period of six months. Ahsan Dar said: “The police analysed the footage, did interviews and reviewed everything before concluding that there is no evidence to prosecute Nawaz Sharif’s guard. Obviously, there was politics involved and a campaign was run to get our guard either charged or cautioned to make the news but thank God the police realised what was happening and what the truth is.”

Ahsan Dar said the police will not take any further action. “The police have informed us through a letter that no further action against our security guard will be taken. Nothing has been proven against Nawaz Sharif’s guards. Our guards have been provoked and they have come under attack but they have shown professionalism and gone beyond their call of duty to protect Mr Sharif in a professional manner. They will continue to perform their duty to safeguard Mr Sharif at all costs. They have tackled those miscreants who have tried to breach the security ring. Our guard suffered injuries and there is evidence available of that,” said Ahsan Dar sharing a letter from the law firm that dealt with the police investigation.

Criminal Duty Solicitor Moeen Khan said that Mr Nemouchi was called to the Hammersmith Police Station “as a volunteer on 18 October 2022” where he was questioned concerning allegations of assault causing actual bodily harm and common assault.

The lawyer said: “After we produced evidence to the police, the police authorities have decided to end the investigation without charging or cautioning the guard. The police decided to take no further action. The police have decided that the evidence against the guard is not strong enough for there to be a reasonable chance of conviction or that it is not in the interests of justice to charge you with respect to allegations of assault causing actual bodily harm and common assault.”

Shayan Ali had complained on 2nd April that Nawaz Sharif’s security guards had hit him without any justification as he was standing outside with his mother Sadaf Mumtaz and friends when the guards approached him and violated his rights. He had provided footage to the police which showed the guard hitting him across the face.

Ahsan Dar had informed the police that Shayan Ali had tried to reach Mr Nawaz Sharif when the guards stopped him. He had told the police that the guard was first touched by Shayan Ali and he had responded in self-defence and used reasonable force. Both sides had denied each other’s claims and the police were approached through several emails and other means to investigate the matter. Ahsan Dar had released a picture of the security guard showing him bleeding from the forehead.

Shayan Ali and his mother Sadaf Mumtaz were approached for comment by media but they didn’t reply.

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