Russia rolls out Poseidon super torpedoes capable of causing ‘nuclear tsunami’

Russia rolls out Poseidon super torpedoes capable of causing ‘nuclear tsunami’

MOSCOW – Amid simmering tensions with the West, Russia says it is now capable to hit other countries with nuclear-capable super torpedoes that can create tsunami-style waves.

Russian state-owned news agency TASS reported that Kremlin prepared the first set of the nuclear torpedo, dubbed Poseidon, the latest in superweapons list as Russia continued military advancement in war-torn Ukraine.

The recent report claimed that the key testing on the torpedoes has been completed, and the weapons will be soon delivered to the nuclear-powered submarine, ringing alarm bells for Ukraine and Western alliance.

Much about the ‘doomsday’ weapon remained under wraps while experts claim that it is capable to cause a destructive radioactive tsunami as the simulation clips of modern weapons show its ability to destroy an enemy aircraft and hit the shoreline.

The Poseidon super torpedoes are designed to hit coastal areas, causing heavy damage to the country’s territory by creating huge radioactive contamination.

Reports in international media suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech, mentioned that there are no weapons to defy or destroy the nuclear torpedo, praising its high maneuverability.

Last year, Washington sounded an alarm bell about Russian destructive weapons, calling it terrifying amid the nuclear arms race.

Earlier, Moscow rolled out the S-500, capable of hitting spacecraft, and ballistic and hypersonic missiles and the first brigade has begun combat duty.

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