‘Pakistan standing at crossroads, PM Shehbaz says as flood-hit country seeking $16bn for recovery

‘Pakistan standing at crossroads, PM Shehbaz says as flood-hit country seeking $16bn for recovery

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif apprised the world that Pakistan was standing at a crossroads as he urged the international community to meet the demand required for rehabilitation purposes.

Addressing the inaugural session of International Conference on Climate Resilient Infrastructure in Geneva on Monday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that the world was standing at a ‘turning point of history’.

He said the current dilemma demands clarity on survival and maintaining our bodies, dignity, and honour by moving forward with a sense of purpose. PM said the world is racing against time.



Recalling the worst monsoon in recent years, PM said the disaster affected 30 million people, displaced more than 8 million and washed away infrastructure on thousands of kilometres.

He commended support by the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund and several other international organisations.

We have learned that nothing can go back to business as usual, PM said. emphasizing the impact of floods that hit Pakistan last year.

The Prime Minister said Pakistani government has prepared a comprehensive framework for recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction with resilience which reflects priorities for recovery and reconstruction, and mentioned over 16 billion dollars is needed.

PM added that the funding gap for minimum recovery is $8billion dollars which will be needed over the next three years. He said together we have to rebuild the lives and dreams of flood ravaged people, adding that the international community’s solidarity and long-term support for South Asia nation will make a difference at this critical juncture.

He stressed solidarity and vision to ensure the world’s transition to a sustainable future not on papers but on the ground.