Cancellation of unused visit visa must for new UAE visa

Cancellation of unused visit visa must for new UAE visa

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates is promulgating new rules for immigration and under a new provision if travellers are unable to enter the emirate within visa period, they must cancel it by paying a fee.

As part of new rules, tourists to the UAE must enter the country within a specific period after the issuance of their travel visa and in case they are unable, the visa needs to be cancelled.

Another relaxation in this regard is that those who can’t enter within the period can extend their entry into the country by two months by paying a fee of Dh200, Khaleej Times reported.

The travel agents confirm that the provisions are in place from last few weeks and those with an unused visit visa can only apply for a new visa after cancelling the previous one as the system does not accept fresh application otherwise.

Previously, an unused visit visit used to be cancelled automatically and new visa could be applied; however, same has not been the case recently. The cost of cancelling an unused visa varies as some travel agents estimate it to be around Dh300.

The United Arab Emirates is promulgating plenty of provisions to streamline visa and immigration process to facilitate the aspiring visitors. The digital platforms in this regard are also being revamped to help those who intend to visit the emirate.