Zara Noor Abbas comes to Pakistani actors’ defense over Major (r) Adil Raja’s ‘honey traps’ remarks

Zara Noor Abbas comes to Pakistani actors' defense over Major (r) Adil Raja’s 'honey traps' remarks

KARACHI – Pakistani actor Zara Noor Abbas is the latest celebrity who called out Major (r) Adil Raja for levelling vile allegations against the country’s top actors.

Zara came for her co-workers’ defense, a day after Adil Raja, a retired military officer and controversial YouTuber, alleged that some actors were used as ‘honey traps’ by agencies for their gains.

Venting out her anger, the Ehd-e-Wafa star said “freedom of speech didn’t mean anyone can get up one day and link women to men or vice Versa’…Being an actress doesn’t mean she would go quiet because you would defame her for the luxury of her job.”

She further mentioned that “being an ex-army officer certainly doesn’t mean you will be respected for your idiotic opinions.”

The actor concluded by saying “accountability matters and it will go under question by whoever will put allegations on women or men without facts.”

On Monday, Major (r) Adil Raja alleged that at least five Lollywood stars were used as ‘honey traps’ by the country’s establishment. Following his comments, trolls started sharing derogatory posts on social media, prompting a response from the showbiz fraternity who condemned the trend.