You believed in me when I didn’t: Mawra Hocane thanks Ameer Gilani for support

Pakistani actor Mawra Hocane is currently basking in the glory of the remarkable response her latest television series, Nauroz, has received from audiences. The show, which premiered on Green Entertainment, has already become a trending sensation, and fans can’t seem to get enough of Mawra’s stellar performance in the lead role.

In a recent post on social media, Mawra expressed her gratitude to her fans and well-wishers for the overwhelming support. She shared her excitement over the show’s trending status for the past 24 hours. “We’re only two episodes into Nauroz and the response is incredible!” wrote the star in a caption on Instagram. “We’ve been trending for the last 24 hours and since it’s for Nauroz, it’s a bit extra, extra special. Keep watching and keep sending us the feedback.”

Among the many congratulatory messages that poured in, one notable comment came from Ameer Gilani, with whom Mawra has often been linked. Ameer congratulated the star and expressed his happiness for her success, stating that she truly deserved this. “So happy for you,” wrote the star. “You deserve this and more.” In a heartwarming response, Mawra acknowledged Ameer’s unwavering support and revealed a lesser-known fact – that it was Ameer who believed in her ability to portray the character of Reshtina when she herself had doubts. Ameer’s encouragement played a pivotal role in boosting her confidence, and she is grateful for his faith in her talent.

“Ameer!” responded the actor excitedly. “Thank you for all your support always and for everything. A lesser-known fact is that you believed I could play Reshtina when I didn’t,” revealed the actor. The camaraderie between Mawra and Ameer has been a subject of speculation in the media and among fans. Their genuine friendship and support for each other have endeared them to their followers, who often root for their on-screen pairing.

Another prominent name that extended congratulations to Mawra was the versatile actor Mahira Khan. Mahira, who is celebrated for her exceptional talent and remarkable performances, showered praise on Mawra and expressed her immense pride in her achievements. “So, so proud of you. You deserve it. Love always,” wrote the superstar. The message of support from a respected colleague like Mahira was undoubtedly heartening for Mawra.

Nauroz revolves around the journey of a girl from a small village as she embarks on her path to a big city. Mawra’s portrayal of the main protagonist has captivated viewers, and her convincing performance has garnered widespread acclaim. With the show’s success and Mawra’s talent shining through, Nauroz seems to be a compelling watch that will leave a lasting impression on audiences.

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