Shazia Manzoor all praise for Vidya Balan for grooving to her classic song Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi

Shazia Manzoor all praise for Vidya Balan for grooving to her classic song ‘Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi’

Music transcends borders despite tense relations between Pakistan and India, and this time, its Bollywood actor Vidya Balan who grooved to a classic Pakistani song.

The Dirty Picture star dropped a hilarious clip on her social media, sharing her ‘little secret’ of cost-cutting in times when people are forced to pay unreasonably high electricity bills.

The clip shared on her official Instagram shows her dancing to Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi, the classic song of Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor known for long-standing popularity back at home.

The clip started with a man’s voice asking the reason behind getting little power bill and as the clip progressed, it shows Vidya sharing her moves on ‘Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi’.


As fans poured love in the comment section of the Bollywood star, the singer behind the classic masterpiece too praised Vidya for her short performance.

‘Thank you ma’am, I’m also your big fan…I sang this song 20 years back, and I’m feeling so humbled,’ she wrote in the comment section, which has gone viral on social media.

Shazia’s ever-green song continues to rule the hearts of music fans, even in India. The song was trending in recent days, and famed Norwegian hip-hop dance crew, The Quick Style, also recreated it.

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