Emergency declared in Türkiye as death toll nears 8000

Emergency declared in Türkiye as death toll nears 8000

ANKARA – Türkiye has declared a state of emergency in worst-hit regions for a period of 3 months as massive earthquakes have killed nearly 7,800 people and left tens of thousands injured, wreaking havoc in the country’s southern part.

Dead bodies of victims were spotted in parts of the country which was rocked by at least five major quakes since Monday as officials continued hunting for survivors.

As nearly 8,000 people are known to have passed away in a recent tragedy, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday announced a state of emergency in the 10 provinces most affected by the earthquake.



The speedy measures would allow rescue teams and financial aid into the affected regions as more than 70 nations including Pakistan are sending aid to Turkiye and Syria.

Rescue operations continued 24/7 as teams raced against time to evacuate people from the rubble.

Parts of these countries have no food, water, or electricity and are out in the streets under bone-chilling weather. Reports suggest that more than thousands are getting treatment in state-run medical facilities while at least 5,575 buildings were destroyed.

Extreme weather and snowstorms in several regions also hamper the rescue efforts as security personnel mobilised from several countries to aid disaster-hit areas in Tukiye.