Greta Gerwig breaks her silence on Barbie’s ‘mic-drop’ moment: Find out

Greta Gerwig breaks her silence on Barbie’s ‘mic-drop’ moment: Find out

Greta Gerwig has recently broken her silence on Barbie’s “mic-drop moment” in the movie.

In the final scene, Margot Robbie’s character enters an office building with excitement and she announces, “I’m here to see my gynaecologist.” The screen then cuts to black, signalling the end of the movie.

Elaborating on the scene, Gerwig spoke to USA Today that the director found it vital that everything operated on “at least two levels” during crafting Barbie.

“I knew I wanted to end on a mic-drop kind of joke, but I also find it very emotional,” remarked the 39-year-old.

It is pertinent to mention that Barbie movie has been smashing box office records with $155 million in North America and internationally at a whopping $337 million.

The Little Women director stated, “When I was a teenage girl, I remember growing up and being embarrassed about my body, and just feeling ashamed in a way that I couldn’t even describe. It felt like everything had to be hidden.”

The Ladybird creator continued, “And then to see Margot as Barbie, with this big old smile on her face, saying what she says at the end with such happiness and joy.”

“I was like, if I can give girls that feeling of, ‘Barbie does it, too’ – that’s both funny and emotional,” added the director.

Gerwig concluded, “It was always about looking for the levity and the heart.”

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