Imran Khan castigates Gen (r) Bajwa for being ‘mastermind of video leaks’

says former COAS threatens PTI leaders with video leaks

Imran Khan castigates Gen (r) Bajwa for being ‘mastermind of video leaks’

LAHORE – Ousted Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan accused former Army Chief Gen (r) Bajwa of blackmailing PTI leaders with videos, alleging that he was the mastermind of the whole video leaks saga.

In a recent interaction with journalists, the defiant politician hurled serious allegations against the former top general for toppling his government with ‘foreign players’. Gen Bajwa was altogether a different person after getting the extension to his tenure, he said.

The populist leader said a plan was hatched to bring Shehbaz Sharif into power, saying he was aware of the strategy for a regime change in the South Asian country.

Recalling his last meeting with Gen(r) Bajwa in August, Khan said former COAS told him that “we have your files, audios, and videos while saying that you have been a playboy”.

I told him that I was never an angel, I used to be a playboy, and I was a sinful man, Khan revealed citing his alleged conversation with Gen Bajwa.

Quoting a Holy Quran verse, he said Allah guides anyone to the straight path whenever he wills.

He lamented that he trusted the former general but the latter was not the one who considered corruption bad. He further mentioned that Gen (r) Bajwa has done the worst damage by giving ‘NRO to these corrupt rulers’