Suzuki increases bike prices by up to Rs29,000

Suzuki increases bike prices by up to Rs29,000 

KARACHI – The Pak Suzuki Motor Company on Thursday increased the motorbike prices by up to Rs29,000 due to rupee depreciation.

The new rates are applicable from February 10 (today). This is the second hike in bike prices in the past one month.

The GD110S model got increased by Rs26,000 and it is now available at Rs290,000. The price of GS150 rose by Rs29,000 to Rs315,000.


The GSX125 variant will now be selling for Rs422,000 following an increase of Rs38,000. The rate of GR150 rose by Rs41,000 to Rs451,000.

In January, Suzuki increased the rates of its bikes with the increase going as high as Rs25,000.

In December, Yamaha notified an increase in bike prices by up to Rs13,500. Atlas Honda also jacked up prices of its motorcycles by up to Rs30,000, which came into effect from February 1, 2023.

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