Shah Rukh Khan suffers injury while shooting a project in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Web Desk) – Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, recently encountered an injury while filming a project in Los Angeles.

During the incident, Khan sustained a minor nose injury, which necessitated prompt surgical intervention. Fortunately, he is currently in good health, with doctors reassuring him that he is on the path to recovery.

Details surrounding the project in which the accident occurred have not yet been disclosed, leading to a lack of information regarding the specifics of the incident.

According to Indian media, “SRK was shooting for a project in Los Angeles when he accidentally injured his nose, resulting in bleeding. He was promptly taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention.”

“The doctor informed his team that there was no cause for concern, and Shah Rukh Khan would undergo a minor surgical procedure to address the bleeding. Following the surgery, SRK was seen wearing a bandage on his nose.”

According to the reports, the actor, who plays the lead role in the upcoming film “Pathaan,” has since returned to Mumbai and is currently recuperating at home.

Currently, Shah Rukh Khan eagerly awaits the release of two major films, namely “Jawan” and “Dunki.”

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