Did Reham Khan extend support to Imran Khan over audio leaks?

Did Reham Khan extend support to Imran Khan over audio leaks?

ISLAMABAD – Reham Khan, the former wife of ousted prime minister Imran Khan, never shied away from taking a shot at the PTI chief but this time she condemned the release of private audios and videos of politicians.

Reham earlier remained at the center of controversy as she portrayed the PTI chief as a man who led a life of ‘sex, drugs, and alcohol’, however soon after her third marriage she denounced the dilemma of audio leaks targeting the politicians.

In a recent social media post, Reham termed blackmailing in any format simply wrong, as mentioned that the timing of such release is even more concerning because this was all known when said person was given position.

The former journalist added that people should be held accountable for what they do in the office.

She continued saying that there was plenty wrong with the PTI governance, and foreign policy to bash them there. Whether it’s a young female performer who has fallen out of favour or female politicians who are not active anymore this voyeurism is unhelpful, she wrote in a series of tweets.

Reham made recent remarks a week after a leaked audio conversation allegedly between her former husband and a woman stirred a new storm. In the clip, the two persons can be heard engaging in an intimate conversation.