Hania’s SOPHISTICATED FASHION PICKS might be ultimate solution to your Eid outfit dilemma

Hania Aamir خبریں | Hania Aamir

It is no secret that Pakistani ‘Dimple Queen’ Hania Aamir has lately been grabbing staggering admiration across Pakistan, however, the renowned media personality this time has decided to take part in promoting some ravishing Eid-appropriate outfits that have been featured in the latest Eid Ul Adha collection of popular clothing line known as ‘Lulusar.’

Some very eye-catching posts featuring Hania Aamir confidently flaunting traditional yet contemporary outfits have been circulating over social media while the relevant content has come into existence after Lulusar posted some mind-blowingly captured Eid-related posts over their official Instagram handle.

The first outfit that Hania Aamir has chosen to wear is a complete masterpiece with its excellent imprinting, bright colors, and flawless silk fabric.

The aforementioned beige-colored outfit comprises of a long frock that has been paired with loose-fitted bottoms and a contrasting pink dupatta that features colorful, floral imprinting and dispersion of small round-shaped stones.

However, another outfit worn by Hania Aamir is a marvelous ‘sari look’ while the pink-colored ‘sari’ has been carefully constructed with an exceptionally lavish-looking fabric, also featuring a sleeveless crop blouse that has been adorned with the dispersion of white stones, colorful floral imprinting, and frilled lace patches.

Furthermore, Hania Aamir has decided to flaunt this spectacular outfit by putting forward an elegant walk conducted at a picturesque location.

Let’s now move on to the third outfit which Hania Aamir has decided to promote from Lulusar’s latest Eid Ul Adha collection, the media personality has been spotted dressed in a white-colored long ‘kurta’ that features attractive black embellishments and adorned sleeves, the whole look managing to brilliantly stand out due to being paired with loose trousers.

All of the dresses that Hania Aamir has been seen promoting lately are super Eid-friendly, we think, and with the right kind of accessories, the attires definitely have the spark to make your Baqra Eid look swiftly grab everyone’s attention.

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