WhatsApp launches message editing feature

A representational image showing the WhatsApp logo on a phones screen and in the background. — AFP/File

WhatsApp, owned by Meta Platforms, has fulfilled users’ long-awaited desire for message editing functionality. In a recent blog post, the company announced the introduction of this feature, recognising the need for users to correct mistakes or revise sent messages. The rollout of this global update will occur gradually over the next few weeks.

Once the feature is available, users will be able to edit their messages within a 15-minute window after sending them. By long-pressing the message and selecting the “edit” option from the drop-down menu, individuals can make necessary modifications. The edited message will be clearly labelled as such, but the edit history will remain undisclosed.

This move brings WhatsApp in line with its competitors, such as Telegram and Signal, which already offer message-editing capabilities. Twitter, a microblogging platform, also introduced tweet editing to a select group of users last year.

The introduction of message editing addresses a common requirement among users who make errors or wish to refine their sent messages. This new functionality provides increased flexibility and control over shared content within the platform.

WhatsApp’s decision to allow message editing demonstrates its commitment to delivering a seamless communication experience. The ability to rectify mistakes and update information brings convenience and enhances the overall user experience. By implementing this update, WhatsApp aims to further solidify its position as one of the leading global messaging platforms.

As the feature gradually becomes available to users worldwide, it is anticipated to be well-received and contribute to the continuous growth and popularity of WhatsApp.

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