GPT-4 to generate videos? Microsoft Germany CTO drops details ahead of launch

What is GPT-4?


There is considerable excitement in the Artificial Intelligence community right now. And to add to the frenzy, Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun has announced that the company will be introducing GPT-4 next week. It is the fourth generation of the revolutionary large language model (LLM) that enables machines to comprehend natural language. Reportedly, GPT-4 will offer new possibilities including multi-modality, video processing, etc.

Braun has called GPT-4 a game changer in AI as it will be another leap towards accurate human interpretation. The latest announcement was made at the event, AI in Focus – Digital Kickoff which was held in Germany. It was reported first by the media outlet Heise. At the event, Microsoft emphasised the value-creation potential of AI.

According to Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Germany, the disruption caused by AI does not necessarily amount to job losses. Janik asserted that companies should focus on training their staff to use AI effectively.

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Microsoft has on numerous occasions stated its plans to integrate AI into its products. So far the company has equipped Teams, Bing, and Edge with ChatGPT. Now, it is expected to integrate the next generation GPT-4 further enhancing the capabilities of its products.

It is to be noted that Microsoft Bing is currently powered by GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. With GPT-4, Bing will be more efficient with searching for information and faster results. GPT-4 will likely have multimodal capabilities, which means users will be able to engage through multiple modes such as text, images, videos, and sounds. The previous generation was only capable of producing texts. Besides, as a multimodal language users may be able to manage the input and output of data in different languages.

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Interestingly, several other reports have already hinted that GPT-4 will be able to generate videos. Reportedly, OpenAI is working on a mobile app powered by GPT-4 which will give users the ability to make videos using AI.

Apart from videos with AI assistance, GPT-4 is expected to throw up answers faster than the current GPT-3.5. Reports suggest that the responses from the next generation GPT-4 will be more human-like and all the changes will be integrated into the Bing Chat in the future.

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