The 6G launch date has been revealed


By the way, 5G technology is not available worldwide, but experts are working on the next generation mobile internet technology.

Telecom experts have revealed the date of introduction of 6 generation or 6G technology.

According to these experts, 6G technology can be introduced in 2030.

However, he said that there is no need for the industry to show too much enthusiasm regarding this technology, otherwise the minds of consumers may get confused.

According to a report, experts said that we have not yet fully rolled out 5G technology worldwide, so it would be premature to talk about 6G.

6G technology was the talk of the town at Mobile World Congress, the biggest trade show of the mobile industry, which was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

5G technology was introduced in different countries of the world in 2019, but still most of the countries of the world have not been able to bring this mobile internet technology to their people.

According to an estimate, only one in seven people in the world is using a 5G smartphone.

Work on the 6G standard is still in its early stages and, according to experts, is mainly in the research phase.

He said that now more attention should be given to the introduction of 5G worldwide and it should be improved.

So is it 6G?

As the 6G standard has not been decided at this time, it is not clear what this technology will look like.

But according to experts, 6G technology will strengthen cyber security on the mobile network while it will have more features based on artificial intelligence.

Experts said that this will help make holographic communication a reality out of science fiction.

He said that although this technology is still in the research phase, it looks like it will be introduced by 2030.

In fact, there is a battle to introduce this technology first in different countries.

In February 2023, South Korea announced to introduce 6G technology in its country within 5 years.

On this occasion, the statement issued by the Ministry of Science of South Korea stated that 6 generation network services will be introduced in South Korea by 2028.

With this project, South Korea wants to leave the rest of the world behind in terms of 6G technology.

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